April 27,2010

I'm excited to start back up in the blogging world! 
Life has been pretty crazy lately, Im transferring schools (not sure where yet) so I am getting all that craziness situated. Exams are starting up, so those are always exciting. Life has thrown some exciting new things in my life lately and it sure knows how to stress me out! 

I have been praying for God's direction with my life, I have a hard time with patience and quietly waiting on God's answers especially during this time. I love seeing how God has brought my family over these past 2 1/2 years. The Journey has been tough but looking back its amazing seeing his hand moving and placing us in just the right places, once again in quiet ways. You live your life today and you don't realize how God helps you with the little things until later when the puzzle is beginning to create a picture. 

This summer I have the opportunity to help out with FBCA student ministry, mostly ministering and mentoring some middle school girls. I am super excited! I also will still be nannying Jackson and Emi Franklin, I couldn't ask for a better job! This summer is going to be very busy but full of awesome opportunities for spiritual growth. I want God to use me this summer to make a difference in some sweet girls lives.
I take comfort in knowing God's making the plans, so I don't have too :)

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